Wednesday, 23 January 2013

weigh-in number 2

So this week I have been mainly snowed in my house. Haven't had much opportunity to exercise but plenty of opportunity to be eating things I shouldn't be, I resisted (most of the time!)

Below is a couple of pictures of what I have been eating this week.

I attempted smash pizza after hearing nothing but good things, unfortunately nothing can compare to a large Dominos pizza, however, that's one of the reasons I got myself to this weight. I hasten to say I will not be making it again, it was revolting!

I have salad with every meal and sometimes in-between as I hate fruit since having me second baby.

Some meals this week:
  • Syn free chilli with jacket potato and salad (one of my favs!)
  • Batchelors macaroni cheese made up with just water and salad
  • Chicken pasta bake
This week I wasn't looking forward to weigh in, I felt I hadn't been good this week even though I had never done above my 15 syns per day but I was dreading standing on them scales. I knew if I wasn't happy I would want to give up.
Turns out I was happy, another 3lbs off!! 3lbs more this week and I will have lost a stone in 3 weeks.