Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Forget the Golden Globes & the Oscars...

Forget the Golden Globes & the Oscars... this is my award season!

Weigh in time, I had weighed myself at home (I know I shouldn't!) and from my home scales had lost 5lbs. I was happy but annoyed, if only I hadn't had that bar of Cadbury Bubbly on Saturday night maybe it would have been more?

The numbers always seem so high on the scales, I am determined to be in a place where I can be proud of what they say.

Last night I was very proud! 8lbs gone. Just like that. My first every award with slimming world. I had never stuck at it long enough before to get one.

To say I was happy was an understatement. My partner thought we should celebrate with a takeaway, that or chocolate seems to be his answer for everything. But I resisted, a slimming world fry-up it was instead.

Fingers crossed for 3lbs this week!


  1. That's a brilliant loss, very well done :) xx

  2. thanks Michelle! fingers crossed for next week, this is defiantly the most determined I have ever been x x

  3. 8lb loss in your first week is amazing! well done you!